Lidl is ACC's Case Company

Lidl Danmark stands for the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. They are currently one of the leading food retailers in Europe and aims to be the leading food retailer in Denmark. Lidl’s key to success is their basic principle – making it as smooth as possible being a customer in Lidl.

The story of Lidl dates back to 1973, where the first Lidl store opened in Ludwigshafen in southern Germany. From the very beginning, Lidl had ambitious plans. During the 1990s, they started opening stores outside of Germany. Within a few years, Lidl had stores all across Europe. The first Lidl stores in Denmark saw the light of day in 2005. Today, more than 125 Lidl stores are located all over the country with many more to come. 

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“I am very excited that Lidl is being a part of Aarhus Case Competition 2020. It is a unique opportunity to work with ambitious students and getting their perspective on some of the current challenges and opportunities we’re facing.”

Dirk Fust
CEO at Lidl Danmark

Our core values focus on being personable, adaptable and committed to both our clients and colleagues

Over 3.000 talented people are currently working for Lidl Danmark. In their stores across the country, in their two logistics centres, in their regional offices in Kolding and Køge and in their current headquarter in Kolding. As part of their ambitious plans of expansion, they are building a brand new headquarter in Aarhus – expected to be done in 2021.

“The one who stops getting better, stops being good” is their mantra. Therefore, they are constantly taking new actions to improve their business. In recent years, they have increased their focus on sustainability with initiatives such as an ambitious plastic strategy aiming to decrease their plastic use with 25 % by 2025, as well as their national collaboration with Too Good To Go to fight food waste. 

Lidl is one of the leading food retailers in Europe with more than 11.200 stores in 32 countries and more than 310.000 employees worldwide. So, a career at Lidl Danmark can take you all over the world.