Clearwater International will be hosting Tuesday’s events in the ACC week

Clearwater International is a corporate finance team of talented professionals. We value ourselves on being personable, adaptable and committed towards clients and colleagues.

Being a part of our team means working hard to make a difference for our clients and to enable personal development and future opportunities within the business. We succeed together, and we have a lot of fun along the way

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As a premium partner at ACC, we have the opportunity to offer the students some real-life insights into corporate finance and to be inspired by their perspectives and solutions.

Carsten Rydahl
Partner, Clearwater International

Our core values focus on being personable, adaptable and committed to both our clients and colleagues

This means that we work hard to make a difference and achieve the best possible results in everything that we do.

With 16 offices worldwide, we are a team of talented and skilled professionals with an international outlook. Not only does this result in valuable knowledge and insights being available across the team, but it also means that Clearwater International is a workplace where your personal development is in focus.

No matter your role in the business, we strive to create an environment where you can excel and develop your career.