A case competition for you to challenge
and put your skills to a test

March 27th - 31st, 2023

What is ACC Aspire?

ACC Aspire allows all business students, no matter their experience within case-solving, to learn more about competitive case-solving as a concept. As a participant, Aspire introduces you to case competitions and provides a platform for you to improve your case-solving skills. 

Aspire offers a flexible case competition, which allows the students to experience one day, two days, or the whole week. This flexibility enables the students to keep up with their studies while they participate.

“To experience real-world problem solving together with like-minded students, professional consultants and the largest Danish companies is an amazing experience. The steep learning curve and the intenseness of working with realistic and challenging real-world problems that you experience through Aspire is both fun and intriguing.”

Christian Jæger
Winner, Aspire Case Camp 2019

Reasons to participate


Expand your professional network


Improve your case-solving skills


Attain real-life business experience


Flexible options that accommodates with your study


Explore case competitions


Make new friends across study lines


Make your resume stand out


Meet your future employer

Frequently asked questions

Aarhus Case Competition is for top students in the Nordic countries, where participants are chosen based on their CV, grades, and the team’s motivational letter. Aspire Case Camp is for all students, who want to learn more about competitive case solving as a concept, and participation requires nothing else than a simple sign up. 

Whereas Aarhus Case Competition is for students enrolled at any Nordic country, only students enrolled at university in Denmark can participate in Aspire Case Camp.

The main competition of Aarhus Case Competition requires participation for the whole week, Aspire Case Camp allows students to sign for either one, two, or three days.

Yes, all partner presentations, cases, information etc. are conducted in English. All solutions and teams presentations must also be in English.

An Aspire-team can consist of 3-4 students from Aarhus University.

You need to bring at least one computer in order to submit your solution as it must be handed in as a PowerPoint presentation saved as a pdf-file in a 16:9 format.

You can bring as many notes and books as you may like.
When participating in Aspire Case Camp, we will provide lunch, snacks and beverages.