A unique opportunity for you to improve your case-solving skills

March 27th - 31st, 2023

Want to participate in ACC Advanced?

ACC Advanced is a closed case competition for selected case clubs from universities all across Europe. In order to receive the ACC Advanced Information Package, which contains information regarding eligibility, application process and practical information – please reach out to Advanced@aarhuscasecompetition.com

We look forward to hearing from you. 


Please note the teams for ACC advanced 2023 have been selected. 

What is ACC Advanced?

Aarhus Case Competition is one of the largest case competitions in Europe gathering top business students.

In the ACC Advanced, nine selected teams will be solving three different real-life cases: two introductory cases and one extensive 30-hour main case, where the winning team will receive the title of Case Solving Champions and other amazing prizes.

Reasons to participate


Expand your professional network


Achieve a European case solving champion title


Attain real-life business experience


Meet your future emplouyers


Win exclusive prices


Make your resume stand out


Make new friends from across Europe


Get an unforgettable experience

“My participation in ACC enabled me to experience a complex business problem first-hand, from which I had the possibility to experience some of the challenges in a real-life business problem which is not possible in the general courses at the university.”

Jens Holst Stevn
Winner of ACC 2019

Frequently asked questions

We accept applications from the 6th of November, and you must submit your application no later than the 18th of December 2022 at 23.59pm.

The application must contain:
  • Grade transcript of each team member
  • CV (highlighting relevant experiences) for each team member
  • A short and joint motivational letter telling us why your team should be chosen

No, there is no fee for participating in Aarhus Case Competition. Also, all the expenses for the participating teams will be covered (including transport to/from Aarhus, hotel and food).

Yes, all partner presentations, cases, information etc. are held in English. All solutions and teams presentations must also be in English.

No, they do not. They just need to be a Bachelor or Master student from European universities.

Each team must consist of no more or less than 3 students.

Yes, the applicants must sign up as a team. They have to select the 3 members for the team themselves and need to send a team application.

Before the main case is handed out to the participants on Wednesday in week 14, the teams will practice their case solving skills during the two trial cases presented on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.