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What is Aarhus Case Competition?

Aarhus Case Competition is an annual case competition founded in 2011. It is the biggest case competition in the Nordic countries with over 650+ participants, divided into two case tracks, Advanced and Aspire. The first track, Advanced, consists of 27 top students divided into nine teams. They are recruited from all around the world to compete in creating the best case solutions. The other track, Aspire Case Camp, is open for all students at Aarhus University, both experienced case solvers and people who are new to case solving. However, in 2022, Aarhus Case Competition will, for the first time, be a hybrid event. Thus, you can compete in Aspire at Aarhus University, BSS or from your computer anywhere in Denmark. Throughout the week, participants in Aspire and Advanced will solve the same three cases presented by the Case Company as if they were real-life consultants.

At Aarhus Case Competition, our mission is to prepare business students for a business career, which we believe is accomplished best through hands-on experience and collaboration with our partners.

What is ACC Advanced?

Aarhus Case Competition is one of the biggest case competitions in Europe gathering top business students from universities all across Europe. 

In the Advanced track, nine selected teams will be solving three different real-life cases: two introductory cases and one extensive 30-hour main case, where the winning team will receive the title of Case Solving Champions and other amazing prizes.

What is ACC Aspire?

ACC Aspire allows business students at Danish Universities to learn more about competitive case solving as a concept. As a participant, you will be introduced to case competitions and get the opportunity to improve your case-solving skills.
You can participate as both as a beginner and experienced case solver

Aspire offers a flexible case competition, allowing the students to experience one day, two days, or the whole week. This flexibility enables the students to keep up with their studies while they participate.


As a partner company of Aarhus Case Competition, you get the unique opportunity to meet and network with hundreds of ambitious students from Aarhus University and the best students in the Nordic countries.

We offer several different partnerships that all share the great value of showcasing your business to the students and getting exclusive access to how the students work and collaborate with each other.